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Dree is one of the vilest settlements in the whole of Allansia, if not all Titan.

A wretched village on the banks of the Deedlewater, founded by the infamous practitioner of Marrangha, Romeena, when exiled from her native Salamonis. It became infamous for the number of traders who simply vanished after visiting it, hoping to acquire things such as potions and curses, but ended up as part of the endlessly-unsuccessful Marrangha experiments. The pitiful results of these experiments eke out an existence (if one can call it that) on Dree's filthy streets, or are kept by the witches as slaves or for their own amusement.[1]

The first to survive was Ganga of Mirewater, who carried things that the hag-witches needed for their spells - Mungie brains, Elf livers, pickled Lizard tongues and so on.[2]

Some of the most well-known inhabitants of Dree are the Women of Dree, the three prescient witches with a greater affinity for Chance than Evil; Rosina of Dree, witch and seer with considerable magical powers; and, above and beyond all inhabitants of Dree combined, Zharradan Marr.

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