dungeoneer : Join to RP in exciting Fighting Fantasy adventures
Commercial? No
Type of site chat forum
Owner Yahoo!
Available language(s) English
Launched February 19 2001
Current Status Abandoned (?) last non-spam post August 1 2008

For other uses of Dungeoneer, see Dungeoneer

dungeoneer : Join to RP in exciting Fighting Fantasy adventures is a Fighting Fantasy-orientated chat forum launched in 2001.


The introductory paragraph of the site reads thus:

You and your friends can create your own fantasy films! No expensive equipment is needed - you will be imagining the scenarios in the club, and you and your trusty band of heroes will be playing all the roles yourselves! Nor are there complicated rules to learn before you start. I'll explain the rules in easy stages as the RP progresses. So are you ready? Then let the games begin...

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