Race/Species Human
Gender Male

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Sir Dunstable was a bold knight from Aiken and member of the Inner Council of Gallantaria.

At the latter end of the War of the Four Kingdoms he was travelling with his half-cousin, Sir Clance of Cygnet, up the Border River when they were set upon by river pirates. Dunstable was given up for dead. However, rumours began to circulate that he has in fact been captured and slung into the dungeons of Stinn Castle.[1]

After four months of being held captive, and held over a flaming pit, Dunstable had become emaciated. Tantalon's Heir, with the help of Captain Schankerman, sneaked into the ruined stronghold and freed the tortured knight. Dunstable was variously described as "noble"[2] and as a "fine gentleman".[3]

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