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Edeluk is the god of Pirates whose origins are unclear.

The nature of those who worship him has taken this god's name across the whole of Titan, thus making the task of tracking the origins of his worship even harder. Many lands regard him as an Evil god due to the nature of his domain and due to this, the terrestrial worship of Edeluk is confined to decrepit temples in such places as Halak and the Blood Islands, in a similar fashion to the way Slangg is only openly worshipped in Kharé - Cityport of Traps.

On a maritime level, most pirate vessels will have a small shrine to this god. It should be remembered, however, that pirates will still worship the three brothers of the Wind and Water, i.e. Hydana, Sukh and Pangara, yet these deities are not perceived as Evil. The difference, of course, is that Edeluk is associated primarily with piracy. Other lands regard Edeluk as a Neutral god, perceiving piracy in a less severe light than simply "Evil". Criminal, maybe. But although crime and Evil often cohabit certain acts, they are two different things.

A major school of thought believes Edeluk to have been originally a name for Solinthar, the patron god of mariners. All mariners, be they pirates or otherwise hold Solinthar in high esteem. The use of the name Edeluk may have primarily been in a certain area of Titan where piracy was most prominent. The name then became associated with these pirates, until it was regarded as a separate deity altogether. Certainly, they are seen as very different deities now. Other scholars extend this argument to the point where they believe that a Neutral (or Evil) god, related in some way to the Gods of the Sea, saw an opportunity to be worshipped and took on the name Edeluk, filling a void that Solinthar was unprepared to accept. Whatever, the source, Edeluk is now a firmly established deity in Titan whose presence should be acknowledged by those wishing to cross the High Seas.

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