The Efreet are a particular race of Genie.

Depictions of them indicate they are huge, muscular creatures with brooding, dour features.[1] They have been referred to as Genii of the Marid[2] and described as "servants of Hazah".[3] They seem to have had some kind of social structure - Al-Haddar the storyteller speaks of an Efreet prince named Al-Ra'ad al-Kasif who dwelt in the Omnipresent Tower.[4]

Efreet can apparently be bound to particular items - the Demon of the Ring is an example of this. However, when summoned they have also been seen emerging through fissures in the ground.[5]

Further InformationEdit

  • The alignment of the Efreet is less clear than that of the Genies, as an Efreet has been referred to as a Demon. Efreet may effectively be evil Genies, although the Demon of the Ring, an Efreet appearing in Magehunter, still seemed to be aligned to, or in some way under the power of, the Trickster God, who is neutral.

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