Ekaad, meaning "Kaad in exile", is the village where the original inhabitants of Kaad made their homes after fleeing the forces of Chaos centuries earlier.

Situated deep within the Marshes of Kok in northern Allansia, it remained hidden from Evil and also from everybody else, its isolation causing the villagers to become completely cut off from the outside world and unaware of the changes that had occurred. The Ekaadians still worshipped Ashra and Vuh, and knew next to nothing of the gods of the Celestial Court, referring to them as the Young Gods.[1]

Its people were finally able to leave the swamp when they were summoned to defend their ancestral home from the army of Sargon the Elimite at the behest of a group of adventurers sent to halt his advance. Recognising the name of the High Priest of the Great Enemy of their deities, they were swift to respond to the calls for help. Whether or not they abandoned Ekaad and now dwell alongside the Kaadians is unknown.

Some of its most notable inhabitants are Chief Telad, Zune and Elgon.

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