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Eldenurin is the name of a Wood Elf, shaman of the Galoren tribe. It may be a title meaning "Defender-Shaman of the Tribe", since it is mentioned that the name was given to him as he became a shaman. Most probably any elf of the Galoren tribe becoming a shaman is given a specific name related to his new title.[1]

This name was given to a particular Wood Elf of the Galoren tribe who in 283AC took on and defeated Ishtra and Morpheus in the Dream Realm, with the help of the goddess Galana. This Elf's parents were the source of the necessary mixture of abilities to become "Defender-Shaman", the father being a mighty warrior and the mother being a powerful shaman. Although not as strong as either in their particular discipline Eldenurin of the Galoren had a good measure of magical ability and battle prowess.

It is not certain what Eldenurin of the Galoren's real name was. We associate this name with this Elf, but it may be a title given to any Elf who can become a defender-shaman. Besides it is still uncertain if this Elf is the same shaman that is encountered by the King of Arion in Masks of Mayhem, while there is good indications that it should be the same Galoren tribe living next to Lake Nekros.

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