BC150Emperor of Vangoria

The illustrated side of the UK version of the BattleCard 'Emperor of Vangoria'

BC150backEmperor of Vangoria

The textual side of the UK version of the BattleCard 'Emperor of Vangoria'

Emperor of Vangoria was US BattleCard 140 and UK BattleCard 150.


The card used artwork by Peter Andrew Jones.


US EditionEdit

This card was available by translating secret messages on the back of all 8 Treasure Cards, then sending them in to the decrypted address. Those cards were then voided and returned with the card #140.[1]

Accompanying WordingEdit

Each Battle Card #150 in the UK series was accompanied by the following letter[2]:

"Noble Vangorian,

Congratulations on successfully completing the eleventh - and final - Quest.

Enclosed with this note you will find your ultimate reward - a Deed of Entitlement to the Throne of Vangoria. This special 'hidden' card is only available to Vangorians who have completed their collection of all 8 Wondrous Treasures. It is never to be found in packs of BattleCards.

Note also that your Wondrous Treasure cards have been returned, but marked with a special Seal. These cards cannot be used again to claim the Emperor card.

All hail the new Emperor of Vangoria!

May Your Stamina Never Fail!

STEVE JACKSON" <--written in Vangorian


Category StatsEdit

BattleCard TypeEdit

This card was not part of a sub-series (it is one of the Ungrouped BattleCards).

Further NotesEdit


See AlsoEdit


  1. House of Checklists
  2. Source Emperor of Vangoria Page
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