An Enchanted Throwing Dagger is a magical weapon.


Certain throwing daggers are usually enchanted with magic to increase their accuracy when thrown, making them especially useful to adventurers who try to weaken or take down an enemy before they get to clash in hand-to-hand combat.

An enchanted throwing dagger was known to have been bartered between two traders at Craggen Rock.[1] It is described as a dagger with a shiny metal blade and a hilt of peculiar green leather with inlaid gemstones. It was enchanted so it would never miss, automatically hitting its target for normal Dagger damage. Its description says that could be used only once, but whether it could be used only once per combat or just once at all was not elaborated on.[2]

Another such dagger, called "Swiftstinger", was found by an adventurer near the underwater ruins of ancient Atlantis.[3] It also carried an enchantment which made it never miss its target, but it was additionally imbued with a highly potent damaging power, enabling it to inflict 10 points of stamina damage. However, it could be only used once, as it would disappear right after impact.[4]

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