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"Encyclopaedia of Titan" is a term that can and has been applied to a number of Fighting Fantasy-related enterprises, all of which have had as their aim, or one of their primary aims, to become a comprehensive source of information on the Fighting Fantasy world. However, most of these enterprises were not titled "Encyclopaedia of Titan". The book Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World was referred to as a "sort of Encyclopedia of Fighting Fantasy" in its own Foreword.[1] This article concerns the one that was.

A Source of Knowledge About TitanEdit

As mentioned, many enterprises, including Titannica itself, have looked to become an encyclopaedia for the Fighting Fantasy world. Indeed, part of Titannica’s raison d'être is to become the ultimate encyclopaedia of Titan, as well as the ultimate source of information on the whole Fighting Fantasy franchise. Other Encyclopaedia's have and do exist, including the Lexicon of Titan and the various encyclopaedias presented in Fang’s Finest Emporium. However, one enterprise was actually named the Encyclopaedia of Titan and this was started by a member of Rebuilding Titan who went by the user name of JEDIboyy.

An Unfinished EndeavourEdit

Unfortunately, only part one of what would have been an epic undertaking was ever uploaded to the files section of Rebuilding Titan. Part one concerned itself exclusively with Gallantaria, hence it is sometimes referred to as the "Gallantaria Encyclopaedia". Not all entries were complete, with many being place holders for further detail. In the introduction to the Encyclopaedia, JEDIboyy wrote:

Well here it is, the first draft of my Encyclopaedia of Titan. This is part one: Gallantaria. I know some entries and short and simple, but this is just the information gleaned from the books. Its up to us to flesh out these entries and give them all background and depth. A few entries are left blank, this is either because I haven’t done them yet, or that they require a little more effort put into them than the others. Ones like Royal Lendle will probably be released as an expansion pack, with its own map.

Alas, no expansion was released. However, Titannica has absorbed and expanded upon most of the Gallantaria entries which are listed below in the section "Entries from JEDIboyy's Encyclopaedia". As Jediboyy wrote:

This list will look prettier and be more functional when I find the time... Right now I would like all list members to sift through the stuff I’ve collected here and point out the many errors I'm sure it contains. Go nuts.[2]

Entries from Jediboyy's EncyclopaediaEdit

Below are a list of all entry headings in JEDIboyy's encyclopaedia:
























See AlsoEdit


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