FF Mandrake Ennian
skill 9
stamina 7
Attacks 1
Weapon Used (as Mandrake) Large Fist
Habitat Gornt
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type (originally) Human
(Mandrake) Monster/Plant
Reaction (Mandrake) Hostile
Intelligence High

Ennian is a background character and possible antagonist in Legend of the Shadow Warriors.


Ennian was the Burgomeister of Gornt in Gallantaria five years after the War of the Four Kingdoms. Exact details of his life and career are unknown, but he was apparently ambitious, intelligent and hardworking in order to assume the Burgomeister's office at such an early age.

However, when a horde of Mandrakes bred by the Circus of Dreams began to take over the town, Ennian was one of their victims. His form was usurped by one of these foul creatures to try and attempt unsuspecting travellers to their doom even as chaos reigned in the streets of Gornt.[1]


The human Ennian was a distinguished-looking, handsome young man dressed in the attire of his office.[2] In its disguise, Ennian's Mandrake impostor looked perfectly like him, but its true form was a mass of plant material with a roughly human-like shape and root-like appendages standing at a man's height.[3]

Special AbilitiesEdit

It is likely to assume that Ennian as a Mandrake had the same skill and stamina as the original Ennian.

The Mandrake repilca of Ennian had all the abilities common to Mandrakes, including their vulnerability to fire[4] and easy exposure in a mirror's reflection.[5]

See alsoEdit


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