Escape Neuburg Keep

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Fan Written Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
Location: Neuburg
References: 30
Publication Details
Author(s): Tammy Badowski
Illustrator(s): N/A
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: February 22 2010
Previous Adventure: N/A
Next Adventure: N/A

Escape Neuburg Keep is an amateur Fighting Fantasy adventure by Tammy Badowski. It was first published online in 2010 at[1].


You wake up from a dream in which you were being eaten by a ghoul. All you can recall from this nightmare was its teeth biting into your forearm, your blood leaking out on the floor, and your muscles being gnawed on desperately. The sound of the ghoul biting down onto your forearm bone was what woke you up. The crunch... the gurgling... the hissing delight of laughter...[2]


The adventure in general follows the rules set down in Beneath Nightmare Castle (see Game System).

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