skill variable
stamina variable
Attacks variable
Weapon Used Small Claws and Teeth (variable)
Habitat Anywhere their master is
Number Encountered 1
Type variable
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence (see below)

Familiar is a collective term for a range of small-sized creatures both mundane and mystical which are bound by magic to a master, usually a sorcerer or witch.


A Familiar can theoretically be any type of small-sized creature. For a description of the most commonly encountered types, see Origin and Distribution, below.

Origins and DistributionEdit

The origin of a Familiar is as variable as their individual natures. Usually, familiars are of small size (cats being the largest known) and can be both of natural (small animals) and supernatural (Homunculus, Imps) origin. They are bound to a sorcerous master who attracts them with a special spell, forming a sort of magical symbiosis with him. Usually, a sorcerer keeps only one familiar, though there are rare cases of multiple familiars in the service of one single master.[1]

Known types of Familiars include:

Special AbilitiesEdit

Thanks to the sorcerous bond between them, the Familiar attains (or can draw upon) its master's intelligence and knowledge. In turn, the Familiar acts as an unshakingly loyal agent and guardian for its master. Their magical link allows it to relay everthing it perceives to its summoner, making him very hard to surprise.

In any other respect, a Familiar's abilities are dictated by its physical nature.

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More information can be found at:Source[3]
Blacksand! (pg50)


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