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Fan Written Advanced Fighting Fantasy is a list of all the fan written Advanced Fighting Fantasy modules made available to play on or download from the internet.

Based on the Original 1989 Advanced Fighting FantasyEdit

Fan Written Advanced Fighting Fantasy Adventures
Title Author(s) Illustrator(s) Location Notes
Attack of the Dragon Adrian Ford N/A Allansia, Desert of Skulls
The Gates of Hellwinter Andrea Mollica N/A Tyntern Prequel of The Three Beggars; a revised version using the 2nd edition rules also exists
The Saga of the Serpent Queen Andre Hansen N/A Allansia, Port Blacksand
The Three Beggars Andrea Mollica N/A Tyntern Sequel to The Gates of Hellwinter
The Unholy Alliance John Clark N/A Allansia, Salamonis Sequel to Revenge of the Sorcerer

Based on the Arion Games Second EditionEdit

Fan Written Advanced Fighting Fantasy Adventures
Title Author(s) Illustrator(s) Location Notes
Adventures in Trapvain Shintokamikaze TBC Trapvain, non-canon location between Fang and Zengis Adventure cycle conversion / adaptation made of a gaming location and three adventures
AFF Module Conversion Skinny Orc TBC N/A Guideline for converting adventures and characters between D&D and AFF
Blood Moon Over Blacksand Shintokamikaze TBC Port Blacksand Adventure conversion / adaptation
Deathtrap Dungeon Duncan Young N/A Allansia, Fang Adaptation of Deathtrap Dungeon
Lair Of Envis Ruffnut N/A Allansia
Dungeon of the Orc Warlord Stuart Lloyd N/A Allansia, Moonstone Hills
Eye of the Serpent SkinnyOrc N/A generic Adventure conversion / adaptation - original adventure required
Killing Light Shintokamikaze N/A Oyster Bay area
Last Dance Shintokamikaze N/A Port Blacksand area
Legacy of Benedos Stuart Lloyd N/A Allansia, Lochmill
Life on Barsoom Alessandro Viola Frank Frazetta Barsoom, Lao-Kwei This is a Gazzetteer, rather than an adventure
Pandemonium Mines Ruffnut N/A N/A An adventure For Dwarf miners
Plight of the Lost Children Jenny Green Eric Chaussin[1] Allansia, Gillswater Fighting Fantazine #13 April 2014
The Prehistoric Pit Shintokamikaze TBC Various parts of Titan (world) Bestiary adapting prehistoric beasts from Earth to AFF2
Rimon, the sea-tigress, and the Pirate Coast Alessandro Viola TBC Rimon, Uron Heights, Pirate Coast This is a Gazzetteer, but includes also an adventure cycle
A Shadow Over Anvil Stuart Lloyd Alexander Ballingall Allansia, Anvil Fighting Fantazine #15 May 2016
The Saga of Gersidi Shintokamikaze TBC Mauristatia Adventure cycle that is in part a conversion / adaptation
To Serve the Elvin Crown Shintokamikaze TBC Shamutanti Hills Adventure conversion / adaptation
The Well for AFF2 SkinnyOrc N/A Allansia, between Salamonis and Chalice Re-interpretation of The Wishing Well September 2016
Viscera! Andy Bartlett N/A Titan Set of optional rules for critical hits, healing, happenings at zero STAMINA points and impact of scars on reactions
Wake of the Dead Shintokamikaze N/A Rekaine, near Wolftown Adventure conversion / adaptation

Based on Stellar AdventuresEdit

Fan Written Stellar Adventures Adventures
Title Author(s) Illustrator(s) Location Notes
The Shift Jonathan Hicks N/A The Milky Way Dark / horror galactic setting [1]

Other LanguagesEdit


Fan Written Advanced Fighting Fantasy Adventures
Original French Title Translated English Title Author(s) Illustrator(s) Location Notes
Tel est pris TBA TBA TBC TBA
Les Vieux, c’est Mystérieux... TBA Fabrice Pouillot TBC Allansia, Chalice Published in La Saltarelle issue 4 March 2014
Le Saigneur des Mouches The Slaughterer of the Flies TBC TBC TBC Published in Draco Venturus #4????


Fan Written Advanced Fighting Fantasy Adventures
Original Italian Title Translated English Title Author(s) Illustrator(s) Location Notes
Amonour (mod) Amonour Mauro Longo N/A Salamonis Not an adventure, but a module about using Amonour in game
Guida alle spezie magiche (mod) Magic Spices Guide Mauro Longo N/A all Titan Not an adventure, but a module about using magic spices and herbs in game
Il Corno di Dagoth The Horn of Dagoth Andrea Mollica N/A The World of Conan the Barbarian Inspired by Conan the Destroyer
Il Mastino di Fogwood The Hound of Fogwood Andrea Mollica N/A Fogwood Inspired by Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles
Il Pozzo dei Desideri The Wishing Well Mauro Longo N/A Allansia, between Chalice and Salamonis Variation of the original Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-playing Game adventure
Le Scuole Segrete di Combattimento Karmico The Secret Schools of Karmic Fight Marco Dalmonte, adapted by Alessandro Viola N/A generic A rules expansion module for introducing Karmic Fighting in your campaign

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  1. Original maps by Steve Luxton