skill 5-7
stamina 6-10[2]
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Bite/claw, large
Habitat (see below)
Number Encountered 2
Type Mammal /Felid
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Fangtigers appear to be naturally occurring big cats, closely related to Tigers.

Origins and DistributionEdit

They have only been recorded in south-west Khul, particularly Kazan and Zamarra, and are probably endemic to this area.[3] The natural habitat of Fangtigers is uncertain, since they are usually encountered in association with Humans, but it is likely that they are found in a range of wilderness habitats, including mountains, hills, plains and forest, all of which are typical of south-west Khul.


Fangtigers are, as their name suggests, rather similar to Tigers - they are large, muscular big cats with characteristic black stripes on rust above and on dirty white below.[4] They differ from Tigers in that they have much longer canine teeth (which give them their name), making them look like a cross between Tigers and Sabre-toothed Tigers. They also differ from regular Tigers in that they suffer close interaction with humans (see Special Abilities below).

Special AbilitiesEdit

Fangtigers ff39a

Fangtigers in battle[5]

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Fangtigers is that they can be trained as mounts which may be ridden into battle. Typically a pair of Fangtigers is ridden by a single person, with one foot on the back of each Fangtiger, and a pair of reins are used for control of these ferocious mounts. Among those who have been seen to ride Fangtigers in this manner are Beshbalik and his "Marauders", and the leader of a group of mercenary Amazons in Zamarra.[6]

Further NotesEdit

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