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Fantasy Questbooks were a series of books published by Puffin Books. There were five in total, one of which forms part of Fighting Fantasy canon, whilst the others do not. A sixth book, Casket of Souls, is often mentioned along with the Fantasy Questbook series. However, Casket of Souls, although a hardback PuzzleQuest Book, like The Tasks of Tantalon, was never printed in softback by Puffin Books. The softback version was instead published by Penguin Books, and was not part of the Fantasy Questbook series.

The SeriesEdit

This was made up of the following five books:

Fantasy Questbooks
Title Cover Author(s) Illustrator First Published Notes
Starflight Zero Starflight Zero David Fickling &
Perry Hinton
Peter Andrew Jones 1985 Not Fighting Fantasy
The Path of Peril The Path of Peril David Fickling &
Perry Hinton
Rachel Birkett 1985 Not Fighting Fantasy
The Tasks of Tantalon TasksOfTantalonSoft Steve Jackson Steven Lavis 1986 (as a Fantasy Questbook)
18-Jul-1985 (as a PuzzleQuest Book)
previously published by Oxford University Press in hardback in 1985 as a PuzzleQuest Book, then subsequently published by Puffin Books as a Fantasy Questbook - this is also part of Fighting Fantasy canon.
Helmquest Helmquest David Fickling &
Perry Hinton
Nik Spender 1986 Not strictly a Fighting Fantasy book, it is related however in that it contained the fifth of the five Fighting Fantasy Bookmarks released in 1986
Ten Doors of Doom Ten Doors of Doom David Fickling &
Perry Hinton
Andrew Skilleter 1987 Not Fighting Fantasy

Associated BooksEdit


Casket of Souls

Casket of Souls was previously published by Oxford University Press in hardback in 1987 as a PuzzleQuest Book and was also part of Fighting Fantasy canon. This book was published by Penguin Books rather than Puffin Books.

Fighting Fantasy LinksEdit

For Fighting Fantasy The Tasks of Tantalon is set in the same world as Sorcery!. Although the other four Fantasy Questbooks were unrelated to Fighting Fantasy, one of them, Helmquest, did contain one of the five Fighting Fantasy Bookmarks.

The associated book Casket of Souls is set in the world of Amarillia and is canon as well.

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