The tyrant Faramos XXIII rose to power in Atlantis around 1000OT, but he was in fact the demon-prince Myurr in disguise. He succeeded Faramos XXII, the greatest king of Atlantis, that died heirless after reigning eighty-one years. For four years a legitimate successor was searched and finally found in the small kingdom of Kelios: a 16 years old son of a second cousin.[1]

Faramos XXIII led Atlantis to such dire behaviours, including the violent conquest of the peaceful merchat-governed democracy of Taralak and the following attempt to conquest and ensalve the whole world of Titan (world) with great bloodshed, that the gods, ourtaged, sunk Atlantis beneath the waves and splitted the massive continent of Irritaria in three continents (that later on will be called Khul, Allansia and the Old World), wiping out entire civilizations together with the Atlantean one.[2]

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