Domain Ice and Cold
Parentage Throff and Hydana.
Spouses Unknown
Children Unknown
Siblings Aqualis; Atlan.
Affiliations Celestial Court.
Holy Day 21st Freeze (21st Snow's Cloak)[1]

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Farigiss is the god of Ice and Cold.[2]


Scholars believe that this elemental god is the son of Throff and Hydana. He combines the element of his father with the nature of land. He is also the brother of Aqualis and of Atlan. This powerful elemental god is considered to be one of the Greater Gods.


He is worshipped to one degree or another by all races that dwell in the far north of Titan and wherever there is snow and ice. The people of Gallantaria worship this god widely.


It is believed that Farigiss created the Wyrms.

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