Feior is the twin brother of Maior and the son of Bezenvial, the most infamous tyrant of the Isles of the Dawn.[1]

Like his brother, he was put into a magical sleep when his father's fortress was attacked by Credas and the other two great wizards of the Triurge, and awoke many years later to reclaim the throne in accordance with the prophecy of his father that one of his children would rule the Isles.

Also like his brother, he acquired great magical power and swiftly assembled a vast army that swept across the Isles and decimated the resistance of their King, Poo Ta. However, his brother had used his powers for good rather than evil, and had managed to assemble an army of his own with which to counter that of his brother. After losing a protracted battle, Feior was pursued to a mountaintop by Maior and engaged him in a duel to determine who the true heir of Bezenvial was.

After attempting to annihilate Maior with the power of Baopo and cripple him using the ghastly Biantai, Feior was exposed when his brother used that same power against him, and was helpless against the being Izkhao when summoned against him. Drained of his power, he was captured and imprisoned by his brother, who became the new King of the Isles of the Dawn.

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