Race/Species Elf
Gender Female

Fenestra is a Black Elf sorceress who has her dwelling deep in the Forest of Snatta in Kakhabad.[1]

She is exceptional among Black Elves for her renunciation of evil. Fenestra also harbours a personal vendetta against the Seven Serpents of the Archmage, as the Water Serpent was responsible for murdering her father, himself a sorcerer. Because of his killing, Fenestra devoted a substantial amount of energy to gathering information about the Serpents, and was successful in finding ways to combat them.[1]

Although initially brusque and impatient with strangers, she had some respect for fellow magic-users,[2][3] though was obviously no friend of the Archmage.

Fenestra and the SerpentsEdit

Each of the Seven Serpents secretly possessed a unique weakness, and several of these vulnerabilities were known to Fenestra.[4] Exploiting the Sun Serpent's weakness, the wily sorceress lured it from the sky with a rain spell. Offering it shelter, she then imprisoned the creature in a glass ball.[5] Although primarily intent on killing the Water Serpent and thereby avenging her father, it was the Serpent of Time, considered to be the most formidable of all seven,[6] that Fenestra most notably helped to slay.

In Fenestra's possession was a parchment bearing the arcane chant capable of robbing the Serpent of Time of its power.[7] The parchment was almost squandered and lost when she ill-advisedly turned it over to Marsh Goblins who were trying to drive the creature away. Unsurprisingly the Goblins failed, but, while fleeing from the creature, stumbled upon the Analander, who had already spoken with Fenestra and understood the significance of the parchment the Goblins were carrying.[8] Using Fenestra's chant the Analander then succeeded in putting an end to the Serpent of Time.

Fenestra also provided the means of crossing Lake Ilklala to the Analander by bartering away the whistle needed to summon the Ferrymaster to him.[9] It was, then, Fenestra's aid which helped the Analander reach Mampang Fortress, and ultimately destroy its master, the Archmage.

Further NotesEdit

  • Fenestra is the creature that appears on the cover of the original Puffin editions of The Seven Serpents. The Sun Serpent is presumably the entity confined within the glass orb in front of her.[10]

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