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The castle atop Fickling Rise

Fickling is a town in Gallantaria.

It is a fortified town at the mouth of the River Eede. The settlement is dominated by a tall castle which sits atop Fickling Rise, known locally as "the Rise". This castle overlooks the sea. Below the castle is a small fishing village. The main trade of the town is fishing from the abundant Onyx Sea.[1]

In around 178AC the Netherworld Sorcerers cursed the coast with what became known as the Demon Fish.[2] This creature tore apart fishing vessels and affected Fickling greatly. As one of the twelve Tasks of Tantalon, the champion who would become ruler of Gallantaria, managed to catch the fish, bringing an end to the misery of Fickling and its fellow coastal settlements.[3] Fickling rightly boasts that it was in that town that the hero took rest for the night before tackling the creature.[1]

Fickling also boasts a tradition of fine apothecaries, one of whom supplied Tantalon's champion with an Invisibility Potion with which the champion was able to thwart the Brimstone Dragon.[4]

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