The Fifth race or "fifth Elder race" is theoretical race proposed by Greyarea13 on the Rebuilding Titan forum. The name 'Fifth race' was originally coined by Jared Milne, and much of the theory postulated by Greyarea13 was an expansion of Jared's original ideas. Its name is to place it in direct relationship with the Four races (the "four great sentient races" or the "four elder races") that are described in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World. These races are Men, Dwarves, Elves and Giants who, during the Golden Age lived together at first but as their numbers became greater they each took a part of the world for their own.

Greyarea13's proposal was an attempt to group a number of other ancient and sentient races that did not fit into, and did not appear to descend from, any of the four races.

As with the four races, he postulated that a single god was responsible for an original ancestor race for this group of seemingly related humanoids, and he suggested that this was Sindla.

The fifth race divided into two major groupings: Winged and Wingless and each of these had further subdivisions.

The theoretical complete family tree of the races descended from the fifth race are as follows:

Sindla's Fifth Race

A depiction of the interrelationships and evolution of the race of the Fifth Race

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