There have been a number of boxsets of Fighting Fantasy publications produced by both Penguin/Puffin Books and Wizard Books which vary in style, size and availability. Also termed "Boxed-sets" and "Gameboxes".

Penguin and Puffin Books BoxsetsEdit

Fighting Fantasy Main SeriesEdit

Even the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain does not give an exhaustive list of the boxsets. However, it distinguishes between those that were for titles "launched" as boxed-sets and those that were for the gift-market:

Launched Boxed SetsEdit

Two-Player GamebookEdit

Gift MarketEdit

Given that 25th Anniversary Edition of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain does not name these, it is presumed that any that exist and were not named in the Launched Boxed Sets are Gift Market Boxed Sets


Wizard Books BoxsetsEdit

In the short time they have been publishing Fighting Fantasy material, Wizard have had two different styles of boxset.

Original Wizard BoxsetsEdit

The Original Boxsets were the following:

These were each published with artwork from the covers of the books they contained.

New Wizard BoxsetsEdit

The same boxsets were re-packaged (with the exception of the ten book set) so that they all followed a standard format with the Wizard Fighting Fantasy Logo on the sides (silver for Books 1 to 4, Books 5 to 8 and Books 1 to 8 and in gold for Sorcery!). The only difference between sets, apart from the contents, was the main colour of the slipcase, as follows:

  • Books 1 to 4 - red
  • Books 5 to 8 - metallic blue
  • Books 1 to 8 - yellow
  • Sorcery! - silver/platinum

The words "Fighting Fantasy" were also on the sides of the slip case, in silver, except for Sorcery! where these words were replaced with the "Steve Jackson's Sorcery!" logo.

Fighting Fantasy Collection 10 Books Set PackEdit

It is worth noting that a set of the first ten Shield Format books was released, bound purely in clear plastic and sold by the "The Book People" in 2010.

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