Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks are the series of single-player gamebooks launched as a series in 1982 with the publication of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Puffin Books.

This series had a number of spin-off series and publications associated with it which are sometimes also referred to as Fighting Fantasy gamebooks[1], but the term is properly applied to the core series.[2]

There have been two publishers of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks at different times, with the books not only being published in a differing order, but also with some books being mutually exclusive to one series or the other. The two series are:

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  1. Notably the listing of books that appeared near the front of each Fighting Fantasy book was almost always headed "Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks" as on overall heading. It would then list the main series, but with no further sub-title, then it would go on to list other sub-series with sub-titles. This gave the impression that every book related to Fighting Fantasy was a Fighting Fantasy gamebook. However, this was of course incongruous with the fact that the listing also included Fighting Fantasy Novels and Fighting Fantasy Manuals.
  2. This reasoning is further strengthened by the fact that in "The Fighting Fantasy Collection" section of the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain the main series of gamebooks is titled as "Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks" both for Wizard Books on page 228 and for Puffin Books on page 230, and this term is used as a sub-title under "Wizard Books" and "Puffin Books" respectively, in the same typeface as other sub-titles such as "Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series" or "Novels".

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