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Fighting Fantasy Jigsaws were released in 1984.

The jigsaws were advertised in issue 4 of Warlock and were made by Games Workshop.

The Official JigsawsEdit

The jigsaws were made by Games Workshop and advertised as "500 Pieces De Luxe Fantasy Puzzles".[1]

The two jigsaws were:

Other Mentioned FeaturesEdit

  • Fighting Fantasy Artists
  • Thick green board pieces
  • Puzzle size 49cm x 36cm
  • Box size 34.3 cm x 25.3 cm

Related Non-Fighting Fantasy JigsawsEdit

In the same jigsaw series by Games Workshop were four more jigsaws advertised in the same advert as "750 Pieces De Luxe Fantasy Puzzles".[1]

These puzzles were:

  • 1040 "Elric" by Christos Achilleos
  • 1042 "Alien" by Richard Clifton-Dey
  • 1043 "Slave Trader" by Jim Burns
  • 1044 "Standard Bearer" by Christos Achilleos

Other Mentioned FeaturesEdit

  • Famous Artists
  • Thick green board pieces
  • Puzzle size 42cm x 60cm
  • Box size 37 cm x 26 cm

See AlsoEdit


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