Fighting Fantasy Project
Commercial? No
Owner Andy Spruce
Created by Andy Spruce
Available language(s) English
Launched April 29th 2003
Current Status Active

Fighting Fantasy Project is a website at which amateur Fighting Fantasy gamebooks can be played online. It was launched in 2003 by Andy Spruce.


The origin of the site lies in a gamebook simulation project chosen as a suitable subject to assist in learning CGI programming. The resulting software, applied to the amateur gamebooks Hellfire and The Trial of Allibor's Tomb became the basis of the site when it went live.


Over the years, more gamebooks have been added. By early 2015 there were 47 that could be played online, written by 20 different authors. Significantly, the site has acquired a small following among the visually impaired, its textual nature making it easy for a screen reader to handle.

Playable Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

Other ContentEdit

  • A guestbook.
  • Links to Fighting Fantasy and other relevant websites.
  • Zip file of download of (as it stood as of May 7th 2000).
  • Zip file of download of The Black Tower.
  • Amateur gamebooks as downloads in .txt, .doc, .docx or .pdf formats. Most of the playable ones named above are available, plus:

Non-Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit


  • Curse of the Yeti by Simon Osborne
  • Soul Tracker by Gaetano Abbondanza
  • Devil's Flight by Gaetano Abbondanza
  • Waiting for the Light by Kieran Coghlan
  • A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable by Kieran Coghlan
  • Above The Waves by Zachary Carango

Download Only

  • Rampage! by Andrew Wright
  • The Hills of Phoros by Andrew Wright
  • Phobia by Zachary Carango
  • A Handful of Dust by Zachary Carango
  • Red World by Zachary Carango
  • Gem Runner by Simon Christopher Chapman
  • Golem Gauntlet by Simon Christopher Chapman
  • Legacy of Enoch by Ramsay Duff
  • Grisly Death by Stacey Paulson
  • Redundant! by Alessandro Viola

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