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Fighting Fantasy Role-Playing was a simple system based on the rules in the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, that began with The Role-Playing Game Books, was supplemented by Fighting Fantasy Manuals and finally fledged into the Advanced Fighting Fantasy system.


A role-playing game based on the solo gamebooks had started development early on in the life of the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon with the 1984 publication of the first Fighting Fantasy role-playing book, Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-Playing Game (Steve Jackson). The ability to develop this game further was enhanced by the publishing of the first Fighting Fantasy manual, Out of the Pit in 1985. In 1986, a further Fighting Fantasy role-playing]] book was published, The Riddling Reaver (Paul Mason, Steve Williams, and Steve Jackson) and also the second of the two Fighting Fantasy Manuals, Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World'. The role-paying books did not diverge too far from the Game System of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, and it was only when Marc Gascoigne teamed up with Pete Tamlyn that a more fully fledged role-playing system was to be developed.

The Role-Playing Game BooksEdit

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Fighting Fantasy ManualsEdit

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Advanced Fighting FantasyEdit

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