Défis fantastiques ("Fantastic Challenges") was the name given in France to the Fighting Fantasy series. They were published by Folio Junior, (an imprint of Gallimard), as part of the series Un livre dont vous êtes le héros ("A Book of which You are the Hero"). Some titles were later published by Time-Life.


France is cited as one of the three best-selling markets for Fighting Fantasy (the other two being the UK and Japan). France is also the only country where the series has never been out of print.[1]

Books TranslatedEdit

All the original Fighting Fantasy numbered gamebooks were translated into French, although released in a different order from the UK editions. For many years, Curse of the Mummy was the only one that was unavailable in French, but Gallimard finally published it in April 2015.

The six new books from the Wizard Books series were also all translated.

Publication HistoryEdit

Original Series Edit

No. Puffin No. Title Literal Translation Date Translated by Notes
1 1 Le Sorcier de la Montagne de Feu The Wizard of the Mountain of Fire 11/1983 Camille Fabien
2 2 La Citadelle du Chaos The Citadel of Chaos 09/1984 Marie Raymond Farré
3 3 La Forêt de la Malédiction The Forest of the Curse 09/1984 Camille Fabien
4 4 La Galaxie tragique The Tragic Galaxy 09/1984 Camille Fabien
5 5 La Cité des Voleurs City of Thieves 09/1984 Janine Hérisson & Henri Robillot
6 6 Le Labyrinthe de la Mort The Labyrinth of Death 09/1984 Patricia Marais
7 7 L'Île du Roi Lézard Island of King Lizard 09/1984 Fabienne Vimereu
8 8 Le Marais aux Scorpions The Scorpion Swamp 02/1985 Camille Fabien
9 9 La Sorcière des Neiges The Snow Witch 02/1985 Michel Zénon
10 10 Le Manoir de l'Enfer The Manor of Hell 02/1985 Michel Zénon
11 11 Le Talisman de la Mort The Talisman of Death 02/1985 Camille Fabien
12 12 Le Mercenaire de l'Espace The Space Mercenary 10/1985 Jean Walters
13 13 Le Combattant de l'Autoroute The Motorway Fighter 10/1985 Pascale Jusforgues & Alain Vaulont
14 14 Le Temple de la Terreur The Temple of Terror 10/1985 Denise May
15 15 Les Trafiquants de Kelter Traffickers of Kelter 02/1986 Anne Blanchet
16 16 Défis Sanglants sur l'Océan Bloody Challenges over the Ocean 08/1986 Jean Walters
17 17 Rendez-vous avec la M.O.R.T. Appointment with D.E.A.T.H. 05/1986 Arnaud Dupin de Beyssat
18 18 La Planète Rebelle The Rebel Planet 04/1986 C. Degolf
19 19 Les Démons des Profondeurs Demons of the Depths 08/1986 Noël Chassériau
20 20 L'Épée du Samourai Sword of the Samurai 08/1987 Pascale Jusforgues
21 21 L'Épreuve des Champions Trial of the Champions 02/1987 Pascale Jusforgues & Alain Vaulont
22 22 La Grande menace des Robots The Great Robot Threat 08/1987 Danielle Plociennik
23 23 Les Sceaux de la Destruction Seals of Destruction 11/1987 Sylvie Bonnet
24 24 La Créature venue du Chaos The Creature That Came from Chaos 01/1989 Noël Chassériau
25 25 La Forteresse du Cauchemar The Fortress of Nightmare 08/1987 Mona de Pracontal
26 26 La Crypte du Sorcier The Crypt of the Wizard 11/1987 Noël Chassériau
27 27 Le Chasseur des étoiles The Star Hunter 11/1987 Arnaud Dupin de Beyssat
28 28 Les Spectres de l'Angoisse Ghosts of Distress 04/1988 Mona de Pracontal The original cover art was replaced by a new illustration by Henri Galeron.
29 29 Les Rôdeurs de la Nuit Prowlers of the Night 10/1988 Nicolas Grenier
30 30 Les Gouffres de la Cruauté Pits of Cruelty 09/1988 Sylvie Bonnet
31 31 L'Empire des Hommes-Lézards The Lizard-Men Empire 10/1988 Jean Lacroix
32 32 Les Esclaves de l'Éternité Slaves of Eternity 03/1989 Sylvie Bonnet
33 33 Le Justicier de l'Univers The Righter of Wrongs of the Universe 03/1989 Mona de Pracontal The original cover art was replaced by a new illustration by Daniel Moignot.
34 34 Le Voleur d'Âmes The Stealer of Souls 09/1989 Mona de Pracontal
35 38 Le Vampire du Château Noir Vampire of the Black Castle 03/1990 Mona de Pracontal
36 37 La Nuit des Mutants Night of the Mutants 05/1990 Anne Collas
37 36 Les Sombres Cohortes The Dark Hordes 03/1990 Noël Chassériau
38 35 L'Élu des Six Clans The Chosen One of the Six Clans 06/1990 Noël Chassériau
39 39 Le Volcan de Zamarra The Volcano of Zamarra 05/1990 Olivier Meyer
40 41 Le Sceptre Noir The Black Sceptre 09/1990 Camille Fabien
41 40 La Vengeance des Démons The Revenge on the Demons 09/1990 Mona de Pracontal
42 42 L'Ancienne Prophétie The Old Prophecy 06/1991 Mona de Pracontal
43 43 Le Repaire des Morts-Vivants The Undead Den 08/1991 Nicolas Grenier
44 44 La Légende des Guerriers Fantômes The Legend of the Phantom Warriors 09/1991 Alexis Galmot
45 46 La Tour de la Destruction The Tower of Destruction 09/1992 Mona de Pracontal
46 48 L'Arpenteur de la Lune Land-Surveyor of the Moon 11/1992 Pierre de Laubier
47 47 Les Mercenaires du Levant The Oriental Mercenaries 04/1993 Mona de Pracontal
48 45 Les Mondes de l'Aleph Worlds of the Aleph 04/1993 Yannick Surcouf The second edition features new cover art by Daniel Moignot.
49 49 Le Siège de Sardath The Siege of Sardath 10/1993 Yannick Surcouf
50 50 Retour à la Montagne de Feu Return to the Mountain of Fire 11/1993 Yannick Surcouf
51 51 Les Mages de Solani Sorcerers of Solani 01/1994 Noël Chassériau
52 54 La Légende de Zagor The Legend of Zagor 07/1994 Pascale Houssin The second edition features new cover art by Daniel Moignot.
53 53 Le Sépulcre des Ombres The Shadow Sepulchre 07/1994 Noël Chassériau
54 55 Le Voleur de Vie The Life Stealer 01/1995 Mona de Pracontal The second edition features new cover art by Jean-Philippe Chabot.
55 56 Les Chevaliers du Destin Knights of Destiny 05/1995 Pascale Houssin The second edition features new cover art by Jean Torton.
56 57 Le Chasseur de Mages The Hunter of Sorcerers 08/1995 Mona de Pracontal
57 58 La Revanche du Vampire Revenge of the Vampire 02/1997 Yannick Surcouf
58 52 Le Dragon de la Nuit Dragon of the Night 05/1997 Nicolas Grenier
59 La Malédiction de la Momie Curse of the Mummy 04/2015 C. Degolf

New Series Edit

No. Wizard No. Title Literal Translation Date Translated by
21 (1) L'Œil d'Émeraude The Emerald Eye 01/2007 C. Degolf
26 (1) Le Pirate de l'Au-delà The Pirate from Beyond 06/2012 C. Degolf
8 (2) La Nuit du Nécromancien Night of the Necromancer 11/2012 C. Degolf
29 (1) La Nuit du Loup-Garou Night of the Werewolf 03/2013 C. Degolf
4 (2) Le Maître des Tempêtes Master of Storms 11/2013 C. Degolf
Le Sang des Zombies Blood of the Zombies 06/2014 C. Degolf


The Sorcery! series was also published under the name Sorcellerie!. The books were titled:

  1. Les Collines maléfiques
  2. La Cité des pièges
  3. Les Sept serpents
  4. La Couronne des rois

The Tasks of TantalonEdit

The Tasks of Tantalon was translated into French first in the second issue of Piranha, a magazine edited by Gallimard. It was later released as a hardback book under the title Les Douze Secrets du Sorcier (Twelve Secrets of the Sorcerer).[2]


Two of the Mini-FF adventures were also translated in the magazine Piranha:

  1. The Temple of Testing, translated with the title Le Temple de l'Épreuve, was published in issue 4.[3]
  2. The Dervish Stone, translated with the title La Pierre de Shanhara, was published in issue 7.[4]


For the most part, the French editions feature the same artwork as the original British editions. Some variations do exist. For example, the first title has been released in four editions: 1) Peter Andrew Jones' original painting; 2) Peter Andrew Jones' original painting covered in gold, being a special edition; 3) Peter Andrew Jones' second painting, 4) the Time-Life version with an entirely different piece not seen in English releases but still credited to Jones. Some later titles were also reprinted with variations to their cover layouts, some with completely new artwork by French artists.[5]

The French editions also kept the interior art, but in many cases, some of the illustrations were left aside, presumably to make the books cheaper to print. The worst offender in that category is Revenge of the Vampire, which lost 26 out of its 30 original illustrations. Almost all the maps which were printed on the inside front cover of the original books were also left out of the French editions.

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