ファイティング・ファンタジー ("Fighting Fantasy") was the name given in Japan to the Fighting Fantasy series. They were published by Shakaishisou Sha.


Japan is cited as one of the three best-selling markets for Fighting Fantasy (the other two being the UK and France).[1]

1986 Publicity TourEdit

In 1986 the Japanese publishers of Fighting Fantasy arranged a publicity tour, inviting Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone to Tokyo for the event. Fans turned out in their hundreds to the various book signings. There was also a "Fighting Fantasy Day" organised by Shakaishiso Sha. Shakaishiso Sha even went so far as to register the names of the two co-founders in Kanji.[2]

Books TranslatedEdit

Publication HistoryEdit

No. Puffin No. Title Literal Translation[3] Year
1 1 火吹山の魔法使い Magical using of fire blowing mountain 30-Dec-1984
2 2 バルサスの要塞 Fortress of barusensu 25-Apr-1985
3 3 運命の森 Forest of destiny 25-Jul-1985
4 4 さまよえる宇宙船 The space ship which you can wander about 20-Sep-1985
5 5 盗賊都市 Thief city 20-Oct-1985
6 6 死のワナの地下迷宮 Underground labyrinth of trap of death 20-Nov-1985
7 7 トカゲ王の島 The island of lizard king 10-Dec-1985
8 8 サソリ沼の迷路 Maze of scorpion swamp 21-Feb-1986
9 9 雪の魔女の洞窟 Cave of witch of snow 25-Apr-1986
10 10 地獄の館 Mansion of hell 25-Jun-1986
11 11 死神の首飾り Necklace of dead God 25-Aug-1986
12 12 宇宙の暗殺者 Assassin of outer space 25-Oct-1986
13 13 フリーウェイの戦士 Soldier of free way 25-Dec-1986
14 14 恐怖の神殿 Sanctuary of fear 30-Jan-1987
15 15 宇宙の連邦捜査官 Federal criminal investigator of outer space 25-Feb-1987
16 16 海賊船バンシー号 Pirate boat van sea number 25-Mar-1987
17 17 サイボーグを倒せ Push down the cyborg 25-Apr-1987
18 18 電脳破壊作戦 Electric brain destructive manoeuvres 25-May-1987
19 19 深海の悪魔 Demon of deep sea 25-Jun-1987
20 20 サムライの剣 Sword of samurai 25-Jul-1987
21 21 迷宮探検競技 Labyrinth exploration competition 25-Aug-1987
22 22 ロボット コマンドゥ Robot commando 25-Oct-1987
23 23 仮面の破壊者 Destructive person of mask 25-Nov-1987
24 24 モンスター誕生 Monster created 30-Mar-1988
25 25 ナイトメア キャッスル Nightmare castle 30-May-1988
26 26 甦る妖術使い Revive sorcerer 30-Jul-1988
27 27 スター ストライダー Star strider 30-Sep-1988
28 28 恐怖の幻影 Illusion of fear 30-Apr-1989
29 29 真夜中の盗賊 Thief of midnight 30-Apr-1989
30 30 悪霊の洞窟 Cave of evil spirit 30-Sep-1989
31 31 最後の戦士 Last soldier 30-Oct-1989
32 32 奈落の帝王 Monarch of basement 30-Mar-1990
33 33 天空要塞アーロック Sky fortress aarok 30-May-1991


Sorcery! series were published by Tokyo Sogen Sha and Soudo Sha.

No. Title(Tokyo Sogen Sha) Title(Soudo Sha)
1 魔法使いの丘 シャムタンティの丘を越えて
2 城砦都市カーレ 魔の罠の都
3 七匹の大蛇 七匹の大蛇
4 王たちの冠 諸王の冠

PuzzleQuest BookEdit


Some Mini-FFs were published in Japanese Warlock magazine.

Solo Edit

Original title Japanese title Translation First published
The Dervish Stone デルビッシュの洞窟 Dervish's Cave Warlock #2
Dungeon of Justice 運命のダンジョン The Dungeon of Destiny Warlock #3
The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis アナケンディスの暗黒の歴史書 The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis Warlock #4
The Temple of Testing 試練の寺院 The Temple of Trial Warlock #5
The Floating City 浮遊する都市 Floating City Warlock #6
Fortress Throngard スロンガード砦 Throngard Fort Warlock #7
Rogue Mage 魔術師の地下要塞 Magician's Underground Fortress Warlock #8
The Land of Changes 変幻の国 The Country of Transforming Warlock #9
Deadline to Destruction 破滅への秒読み Countdown to Ruin Warlock #10
The Temple of the Pharaoh ファラオの神殿 The Temple of the Pharaoh

Warlock #11

The Dark Usurper 邪悪な略奪者 Wicked spoliator Warlock #15

Multi Edit

Original title Japanese title Translation First published
Market Mayhem メイヘム市場 Mayhem market Warlock #1
In Search of the Mungies' Gold マンギーの黄金を求めて For the gold of the mangie Warlock #7
The Ring of Seven Terrors 七つの恐怖の環 Ring of seven fears Warlock #18

Role-Playing Game Edit

Fighting Fantasy Edit

Original title Japanese title
Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-playing Game ファイティング・ファンタジー
The Riddling Reaver 謎かけ盗賊

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Edit

Original title Japanese title
Dungeoneer アドバンスト・ファイティング・ファンタジー 上
アドバンスト・ファイティング・ファンタジー 下
Out of the Pit モンスター事典
Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World タイタン


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