Fighting Fantasy Transfers or "iron-on transfers" were produced on a number of occasions during the production lifespan of Fighting Fantasy.

Known TransfersEdit

Transfers that are known to have been produced are:

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Quest Pack TransferEdit

This transfer depicted, in colour, a Dragon (in fact it was the Dragon from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain). The transfer was an iron-on product designed to be ironed on to a shirt. Detailed instructions were contained on the reverse. Only by looking at the back of the transfer could you see what it said (unless you ironed it on of course). The title was "The World of Puffin Fighting Fantasy". There are not many other examples where the words Fighting Fantasy are preceded by Puffin in this manner. Perhaps this was an attempt to differentiate the Fighting Fantasy books from an increasing amount of other gamebooks that were beginning to hit the market from different publishers.


The cover of the Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Series Boxed Set

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Series Boxed Set TransferEdit

This boxed set is an elusive item in the collecting circuit, making the transfer that once came with it even more so. The evidence that it exists resides in the fact that the original sale of the box set had a sticker on the front saying "Price (Inc. Transfer and Slipcase) £8.35".

Fighting Fantasy Adventure GameboxEdit

This came with one of the Fighting Fantasy Boxsets, specifically the "Thrilling" Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox.

FF AdGameboxThrilling

The cover of the "Thrilling" Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox


A transfer but the origin is unclear

Mystery TransferEdit

A transfer has been found by Jamie Fry, but the origin is unknown (perhaps it is one of the previous two above).

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