Fighting Fantazine
Fighting Fantazine Issue 11
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s): Alexander Ballingall
Stuart Lloyd (News Editor)
Demian Katz (Adventure Editor)
Andrew Wright (Out of the Pit Editor)
Interior Illustrator(s): Angela Salamaliki
Robertson Sondoh Jr.
Michael Wolmarans
Cover illustrator(s): Michael Wolmarans
Published: April 30 2013
Previous Issue: #10 - December 2012
Next Issue: #12 - October 2013

Fighting Fantazine Issue 11 is the 11th issue of an on-going web-based fan magazine dedicated to Fighting Fantasy. It was the first issue to be published in print (ISSN 9-77-2324-4680-02-11) as well as online (ISSN 9-77-2324-4060-04-11). This issue also saw the sub-title change from "The Fighting Fantasy Fan Magazine" to "The Fighting Fantasy & Gamebook Fan Magazine". It was published in 2013 and was 104 pages in length.





  • "X Marks the Spot" by Alexander Ballingall
  • "Titannica" by Warren McGuire
  • Fiction: Aelous Raven and the Wrath of the Sea-Witch - Chapter 6 by Ian Brocklehurst
  • "Everything I Really Need to Know I Learnt from Playing Fighting Fantasy RPG Adventures" by Ed Jolley
  • "Chronicle of Heroes": The Frozen North! (Caverns of the Snow Witch Part 1) by Adrian Young


  • "Omens & Auguries" - Gamebook news by Stuart Lloyd
  • "The Arcane Archive": reviews by Alexander Ballingall and Stuart Lloyd
  • "Fighting Dantasy": Deathtrap Dungeon by Dan Satherley
  • "Fighting Fantasy Collector": Summary of events towards the end of 2012 by Jamie Fry

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