Fighting Fantazine
Fighting Fantazine Issue 4
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s): Alexander Ballingall
Guillermo Paredes (News Editor)
Demian Katz (Adventure Editor)
Andrew Wright (Out of the Pit Editor)
Interior Illustrator(s): Alexander Ballingall
Victor Cheng
Tony Hough
Eleftheria Salamaliki
Nathan Stones
Cover illustrator(s): Alexander Ballingall (Front)
Andrew Wright (Back)
Published: October 29 2010
Previous Issue: #3 - May 2010
Next Issue: #5 - January 2011

Fighting Fantazine Issue 4 is the fourth issue of an on-going web-based fan magazine dedicated to Fighting Fantasy. It was published online in 2010 and was 84 pages in length.


The front cover artwork was by Alexander Ballingall and depicts the cave within which the Mungies' gold is discovered. The back cover art was by Andrew Wright and is a map depicting part of Kakhabad with some non-canon additions.




  • "The Adventure Game" - Part 1 by Andrew Wright
  • "The Geography of Shadowmaster" by Warren McGuire
  • "Lost (and Won?) in Translation" by Julien Meneldur
  • "You Want Thricewort with that?" by Seb Forder
  • Fiction: Aelous Raven and the Wrath of the Sea-Witch - Chapter 1 by Ian Brocklehurst
  • "Everything I Really Need to Know I Learnt from Playing the Warlock Mini-adventures" by Ed Jolley


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