As the name of the franchise implies, Fighting Fantasy often involves fights between YOU, the player character, and your enemies.

Typically this involves a battle between you and a single opponent. On some occasions, though, you may find yourself faced with two or more opponents. In cases like this, you must follow the Fighting Fantasy rules for Fighting More Than One Opponent. However, there are variations on these rules in the series, so it is necessary to check the rules section of each gamebook to be sure which variation applies in a given fight. In a small number of cases, no instructions are given as to how to resolve a particular fight, presumably through authorial oversight.[1]

Fighting each opponent in turnEdit

In many cases, you are told to fight each opponent in turn (i.e. a sequence of normal one-to-one combats). In the single-player gamebooks The Citadel of Chaos, House of Hell, Space Assassin, Chasms of Malice, Sky Lord, Armies of Death, Spectral Stalkers and Eye of the Dragon, and in the two-player gamebooks The Warrior's Way and The Warlock's Way, this is the only option given when you don't fight multiple opponents as a single entity.

Treating multiple enemies as a single opponentEdit

Fighting mulitple opponentsEdit

The 'One Attack Strength' versionEdit

This version, preferred by Steve Jackson (UK), Robin Waterfield and Marc Gascoigne works as follows:

The 'Multiple Attack Strengths' versionEdit

The 'Keith Martin' versionEdit

A rather different set of rules for fighting multiple opponents is given in the gamebooks Stealer of Souls, Vault of the Vampire, Master of Chaos, Tower of Destruction, Island of the Undead and Night Dragon, all written by Keith Martin.

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