Domain Fire
Home Celestial Court
Other Names Akkalladun; Tereb; and Khrizat
Symbols Flame
Parentage Ashra
Spouses Throff
Children Verlang and Lorodil
Siblings Glantanka; Lord Moon/Lunara
Affiliations Gods of Fire and Light.
Priest Colours Orange

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Filash is the god of Fire and one of the Greater Gods.[1]


He is husband to Throff (second husband). From this marriage he has two sons Verlang and Lorodil. He is also brother to Glantanka, the Sun Goddess, and to Lord Moon. It is believed that he is a member of one of the original families of the gods created by the Primal Deities. In his case, his family is believed to have been created by Ashra.


His marriage to Throff after her being apparently deserted by Hydana stirred the wrath of the god of the Oceans. This is said to be the reason that fire and water are opposing elemental forces.

Depiction and WorshipEdit

Filash is often portrayed as a fiery man and his symbol is the Flame. Priests of Filash were robes of his sacred colour Orange but you will rarely encounter adventuring priests. You will find that Filash is worshipped in many lands.

The Dwarfs know him as Akkalladun. Other names include Tereb and Khrizat.


It is believed in some quarters that Filash created the Red Eyes before the First Battle but they were later subverted. In the Legend of Throben Filash (called Tereba in the ancient tale) is one of the six gods who created this mystical land to prevent the loss of the wisdom of magic after the First Battle. The people who were invested with magic by him were his Red Eyes. It was the six gods who together brought about the existence of The Theomancer to unit the six peoples of Throben in this tale.[2]

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