Fire Giant
skill 12
stamina 18
Type Humanoid/Giant

Fire Giants are a most rare branch of the Giant family and second only to Storm Giants in terms of intelligence.

Origins and DistributionEdit

In the absence of canon specific information (this type of giant is absent from Out of the Pit for example) it has been proposed that these giants were created by Lorodil in the Godtime, from Storm Giants which he stole, as guardians of his volcanoes. These Giants are certainly adapted to the heat and can also be found in deserts.


They have red skin, jet black hair and often wear bronze armour. Kuperan, the self-proclaimed Monarch of the Sands of the Twin Sun Desert was a Fire Giant. Such was his power that he had trained a Blue Dragon to not only do his bidding, but to be his mount.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Other MediaEdit

Further NotesEdit

Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[1]
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