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The First Battle is said to have been the first battle to take place on the face of Titan and it was one of enormous importance.[1]

The full story of the First Battle is chronicled in the document entitled "The Tale of the First Battle".

In very brief terms it was caused by Death's threat to release the ageing power of the god Time into the universe. The Forces of Good refused to give in to Death's terms and Death and his minions retired to the Outer Planes to prepare for battle, as did the Forces of Good. They met on the face of Titan and although the Forces of Good won the battle, the ageing power of Time was released into the world of Titan. Thus the gods retired to the Celestial Court. This brought about the end of Godtime and the beginning of the Time of Heroes.


The First Battle was a much more protracted affair than just one Battle. It was in fact a great war between the forces of Good and Evil, as we perceive them. It is for this reason also referred to as the "Godswar", and sometimes as the "War of the Gods".

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