skill 6
stamina 7
Attacks 3
Weapon Used Tentacle
Habitat Dungeons, Ruins, Towns
Number Encountered 1
Type Humanoid
Reaction Neutral - Unfriendly
Intelligence Average - Low


Flayers are humanoids lacking arms, and having octopus-like heads fringed by many thin tentacles. Their skin is grey and gelatinous, quivering with every movement. As a result of their appearance, many scholars believe they are related to the Brain Slayers, though they lack the latters' psionic abilities.[1]

Flayers are solitary creatures, preferring to live out of sight of other races who find their appearance objectionable. This makes a Flayer wary and defensive around strangers. However, it has been discovered that they have a knack for preparing food that, despite its bizarre appearance, is extremely savoury to the Human palette. This makes them much sought after by nobles and the wealthy who can afford their services.

Special AbilitiesEdit

In a fight, a Flayer will whip its head from side to side, flailing at its enemies with the barbed stingers at the ends of its tentacles. These poisonous stingers cause 3 stamina points of damage.

See AlsoEdit


  1. Out of the Pit - p. 52/122

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