Flesh Eater
FF 55 Flesh-Eater
skill 10
stamina 16
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Very Large Bite
Habitat Deathmoor
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

A Flesh Eater is a monster found in Deathmoor in north-east Khul.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Flesh Eaters appeared eons ago when the marsh of Deathmoor was a lake. The exact origins of these creatures are unknown, but it is claimed that they came to being when a terrible curse fell upon a stretch of coastline which later became part of the moor.

Flesh Eaters were presumably more numerous in ancient times, but their numbers grew thin with the passing eons. Until recently, only one remained in Khul. This last of the terrible monsters was killed by a hero who entered the Deathmoor on a quest to rescue Princess Telessa.[1]


A Flesh Eater is a reptilian monster which possesses a serpentine body, two clawed front legs, and a large maw filled with sharp teeth.[2]

Special AbilitiesEdit

A Flesh Eater is amphibious and can move through water and slither on land in relative ease.

Further NotesEdit

See AlsoEdit


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