Flintskin is the name given to an extended tribal group of Humans living on the northern fringes of Deathmoor.[1]

For many centuries they have survived in those seemingly inhospitable regions. They are not as primitive as some may suggest and have a far more advanced culture than the Cave People of southern Deathmoor. The Flintskins live in camps which are guarded constantly from the many horrors that would permeate from the moor. The Flintksins have also over the centuries bred Rottwild Dogs. It is believed that these dogs are from Timber Wolf stock. There is a strong suggestion that the Flintskins are a culturally diminished remnant of the Stargazer culture which was devastated in these parts so many centuries ago. Certainly the Flintskins hold astrology as a keystone of their spiritual grounding. The symbols of the sun and the moon are held as being extremely good signs for the Flintskins.

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