There is a close connection between the well-being of Ruddlestone and the health of the Forest of Lein.

At the time of the return of Belgaroth in 285AC, it was rumoured that the forest had begun to sicken, wither and die in places[1].

It is said that the wood, sap and dew from the Forest of Lein "retain some of the elemental magical energies of the forest";[2] the shaft of the Elf-spear Aelfgar is fashioned from wood from the Forest of Lein,[3], and Pyritees of Havalok includes dew from the forest in his Life-Extending Elixir.[4]

Denizens of the forest include Wild Boar (including various incarnations of the Great Boar of Lein), the Outlaws of Lein, the Clerics of Lein, the Guardian Elves of Lein, Treemen,[5], Woodwoses,[6], Forest Maidens,[7], the Lord of the Forest, and the Knight of the Flame.

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