On occasion the Four races or the "four great sentient races" or the "four elder races" are referred to. This is a collective term that has been used outside of canon to describe the four races who together reached a zenith of cooperation during the Godtime, that period that came immediately after when the gods set the sentient creations on the face of the world.

According to Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, those gods watched their creations multiply and spread across the world. It was a period of great peace and happiness for the races of Men, Dwarves, Elves and Giants. Titan tells us they lived together at first but as their numbers became greater they each took a part of the world for their own. Man took the plains, Elves the forests, Dwarfs the hills and Giants the mountains. The cities they dwelt in were beautiful and the races prospered. The weapons they made were purely for catching food, and the races learnt to harness the natural magic inherent in the earth. It was a Golden Age for all the races.

This is not to say that other sentient races did not exist, but that these four were pre-eminent.

The gods deemed responsible for their creation are:

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