Domain Pride
Home Celestial Court
Other Names Vinar, Pirin, Dyshyos
Symbols Hunting Dog
Parentage Usrel
Spouses Courga
Children Telak
Siblings Courga
Affiliations Hall of Mind
Priest Colours red

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Fourga is the god of Pride. He is known by a number of different names across Titan and is associated strongly for his conflicts with his sibling Courga.[1]

Place Among the GodsEdit

As the god of Pride he has a place in the Hall of Mind.


He is the son of Usrel and therefore she is brother to Courga. He is also the father of Telak by Courga. It should be noted that where Courga is depicted as a male Telak is not acknowledged (such as in Kharé) but is replaced with a number of demi-deities who govern his sphere.

Worship and Variations across TitanEdit

Also known as Vinar and Pirin sometimes this deity is perceived as the twin brother of Courga, for instance in Kharé (and indeed all Kakhabad). In Kharé they are a pair of warring brothers who fight each other to produce different degrees of pride and humility in the characters of people. However, Fourga's worship here has been in decline since the rise of Kakhabad where he is portrayed as a vengeful god; most remember his name as little more than a curse ("by Fourga's pride!"). "Pride goeth before a fall" is indeed true in Kharé. His priests preach that pride comes from within and should not be confused with arrogance. Even so pride is no longer considered a virtue in Kharé.

In the rest of Titan these two deities are both brother and sister and a married couple. They have a child, Telak. Lendleland peasants and nobility avidly worship him. In Brice he is also worshipped. In this country the church of Dyshyos (as he is known there) is powerful and along with the church of the Swordbearer (Telak) impose a heavy tithe on those who are permitted to own their own land and live in the cities.

Fourga is often depicted as a warrior and is accompanied by a hunting dog, which is his symbol. He has close associations with Durrak because of this. The temples of Fourga are very often imposing square structures with a Dome dominating the building. The priests that tend these temples will normally be dressed in robes of his sacred colour Red and you may well encounter adventuring priests of this deity.

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