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Holy Day
4th Warming (5th Days Lengthen)[1]

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Fulkra is the patron of travellers.[2]

Scholars believe this deity to be the son of Atlan, hence the connection with his patronage. He is brother to Solinthar, the patron of mariners.

He is also known as Kibestos in Lendleland as a patron of adventurers. In this land the people treat an adventurer who rises from the common folk as a grand hero. To do this, he must sever all ties with his family and pay a heavy tax to the patron of adventurers, Kibestos. Lendleites who do not appease the god will suffer nothing but misery in their new career.

Near the gates of most cities and towns there will be at least a small shrine to this god, so as travellers and adventurers may seek his blessing before embarking on the journeys that lay ahead of them.

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