Gaddon, also called the Feelbrethren, are originally from south-west Khul.[1]

They migrated to the deep chasms (for no known reasons although some authorities claim religious persecution) and created their own culture. They began to give birth to blind babies soon after constructing their complex system of tunnels. Their other senses were greatly enhanced and they became masters of the dark.

The Gaddon Knights are their military force, and are known as the Sensewarriors, whose increased senses of smell, hearing and touch (due to their blindness) makes them supreme fighters in the dark. A Gaddon Battlemaster is the title given to the most skilled knights, and such is their proficiency in the ways of Sensefight that they may teach it to Toplanders.

The Gaddon people are now rarely to be seen in the "Toplands" (as they call Khul) since the time of Tancred the Magnificent, within whose period of reign there was great friendship between the Gaddon and the people of Gorak. Much of the history that we know of the Gaddon comes from that most comprehensive of works the Treatise on the Kingdoms of South-West Khul by Ignatius Pommfritte.

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