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The Galleykeep is a magical vessel that sails through the air instead of the sea, although it possesses everything that one would normally associate with a normal ship, including sails, tiller and rudder!

In size it is comparable to a juggernaut and is similarly well equipped, armed with potash balloons and nigh-impregnable timbers, as well as sufficient space to hold a small garrison of heavily armed troops.

Its original captain was overthrown by Zharradan Marr in a sudden and bloody ambush that left most of the crew dead, though his fate was considerably worse - used in what is believed to be the most successful of Marr's terrible experiments with Marrangha.[1] Since then, it has served as Marr's mobile headquarters and a terrible weapon of war, as proved by its effectiveness against the ground forces of Balthus Dire during the Trolltooth Wars.

Notable members of its current crew include: Quimmel Bone the physician, Nimbicus the Weather Mage, the Master of Hellfire, and Vallaska Roue.

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