skill unknown
stamina unknown
Attacks 1
Weapon Used special
Habitat Lake Nekros
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Undead (Ghost)
Reaction Friendly
Intelligence High

Galrin is a ghost warrior.


Galrin was once a denizen of what is now north-east Khul. The exact details of his life and death are unknown, but it is known that he, like many other unfortunate travellers, was killed by the Kraken of Lake Nekros. It is uncertain when this happened, but certainly many centuries before the fourth century AC.

Galrin's spirit did not depart, however, and like all those souls killed by the Kraken, he became a Ghost, cursed to haunt the lake in a spectral form until the Kraken was killed. With the beast's death at the hands of the Monarch of Arion, the Ghosts were released. Galrin, their leader, offered to repay the debt the Ghosts owed to the Monarch.[1] When called upon - this was don by simply uttering aloud Galrin's name[2] -, they would come to the aid of the Monarch upon the quest to slay Morgana, and then be released to the afterlife.[3]

Special abilitiesEdit

Galrin and his ghostly horde were imbued with the powers of the Undead; as such, they were impervious to attacks effective against living beings. In addition, perhaps owing to the nature of their bond to their liberator, they were an irresistible force capable of razing a settlement or even the mightiest of opponents in mere moments. However, their services could be called for only once.[4]

See AlsoEdit


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