skill 12
stamina 24
Attacks 3
Weapon Used Very Large Claw
Habitat Caves
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

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Origins and DistributionEdit

The exact origins of the Gargantis are unknown, as are the extents of its distribution. The only recorded encounter with one of these vast monsters occurred in the Howling Tunnels of the Moonstone Hills by the adventurer sent to destroy Razaak - ironically, it was that necromancer who had been raising the horror.[1]


The immense Gargantis stands between eight and ten metres in height, with a primitive Dinosaur-like head tipped with an great spiral horn. Despite having incredibly poor vision, its senses of hearing and smell more than compensate for this, and its claws are long and more than capable of piercing armour. This, combined with its sheer bulk, make it more than able to overwhelm any attempt at killing it without resorting to magic.

Furthermore, an attack from behind is unlikely to result in any greater measure of success, since the thick tail of the Gargantis will be lashing around behind it and making it almost as dangerous as a frontal attack!

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Gargantis is able to cause insanity in those who attack it through a psychic attack that appears to be purely reflexive, no different from snatching a hand away from a fire.

Further NotesEdit

  • The horn of a Gargantis is said to possess great magical powers, similar to that of the Unicorn. In particular, it is rumoured to be useful as a weapon in ensuring the permanent destruction of the mightiest Greater Undead, such as Razaak.

See AlsoEdit


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