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Gargoyle, or the Black Gargoyle, was created by the Evil gods from the Original Clay.[1]

His form was said to have been so horrible as to petrify all mortal enemies before him. Immediately on entering Titan, he began to breed with the creatures that already existed there, including Elves, Men and Dwarfs and animals of the world. His offspring were therefore numerous and by the time of the First Battle thousands of them already existed. These beasts varied in form considerably due to the variation in their parentage, which is why statues of the creature (known as gargoyles) are always different.

During the First Battle it is believed that thousands of them served under the command of the Night Demon Vradna. Certainly today the beasts pay fealty to him and it is believed that even now he has a legion of them at his command.

The Gargoyle himself was one of the most powerful beasts of Evil during the First Battle and he is remembered in the constellation bearing his name in the Northern Skies of Titan.

Those creatures we call Gargoyles that still exist today are descended from those original offspring of the Black Gargoyle. However, since the aftermath of the First Battle they have only bred with each other, so that over the millennia they have become a race in which every individual has similar characteristics. It is therefore hard to say whether or not they are true indication of the hideous form of the original Gargoyle.

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