skill 9
stamina 10
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Large Claw
Habitat Caves, Dungeons, Ruins
Number Encountered 1-2
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average-Low

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Origins and DistributionEdit

Gargoyles are the hideous offspring of the terrible Black Gargoyle who fought on the side of Evil during the First Battle. Originally, they were the product of breeding with a multitude of races, but now they breed solely with each other.

Today, Gargoyles can be found in all sorts of places, from ancient ruins to bustling cities, though it is rare that more than two or three will inhabit the same basic locality. They are occasionally used by wizards and warlocks as powerful guards, but this can backfire, as Gargoyles are rumoured to pay ultimate fealty - in both service and treasure - to the Demon Prince Vradna, who is known to possess a legion of a thousand of the beasts![1]


Since the demise of the Black Gargoyle and the cessation of breeding with other races, Gargoyles have become fairly standardised in form. Roughly humanoid in shape, with bestial heads brimming with fangs and horns, and clawed hands and feet, they possess a pair of large leathery wings and a point-tipped tail. They are coloured a mottled grey which looks exactly like stone, enabling them to appear as statues if motionless.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The hide of a Gargoyle is so tough that it simply cannot be penetrated by normal weaponry, so that only magical weapons can injure it, although it can apparently be harmed or even killed should it strike stone at high speed,[2] and they will retreat from fire. This is presumed to be because of the battle that raged between the Black Gargoyle and Kilanirax, which left behind a racial trauma.[3] Like all stone-based creatures, they are susceptible to Hogweed Essence, which burns into their bodies, killing them.[4]

Gargoyles are skilled flyers and possess an unrivalled ability to remain motionless for long periods of time. This enables them to play their favourite trick on adventurers: standing motionless on a plinth and pretending to be a statue. This works 5 times out of 6 - using the Advanced Fighting Fantasy rules, they are permitted an Unopposed Strike.

See AlsoEdit


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