Giant Aardwolf
Giant Aardwolf
skill 7 (Adult); 4 (Young)
stamina 7 (Adult); 3 (Young)
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Bite
Habitat Plains, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1-6
Type Mammal
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Giant Aardwolf is found only on the warm southern plains, where they roam in small packs.[1] Given that they occur on the Encounter Table for Plains, it is probable that they live in similar habitats across all three continents.[2]

They are related to Hyenas and likely to other similar creatures such as Mordidas and Gutterlags. Indeed, the fact that they are specifically described as "Giant" Aardwolves would suggest that the normal Aardwolf also exists on Titan, though none are ever mentioned in canon. Having said that, a Giant Aardwolf was found in a kennel in Shaggradd's Hives of Peril, and in this instance the terms Giant Aardwolf and Aardwolf were used interchangeably.[3].


They are about the size of a large Wolf, but much leaner. Their short coats are yellow-grey in colour, with irregular black stripes that help them hide in the long grasses.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Giant Aardwolves have no special abilities.

Further NotesEdit

  • They normally eat insects, but they will defend themselves when threatened by large creatures. If more than three are encountered, the others will be cubs, using the "Young" scores given above. The adults will be more vigilant and protective, and will attack to guard their young.[1]
  • Giant Aardwolf meat is edible, particularly the thighs. It can be roasted on a spit and will restore 2 stamina points if eaten. Aardwolf Joint, at the price of 2 Gold Pieces , is a speciality of Pookie's Eating House, a subterranean tavern in Shaggradd's Hives.[4].

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